About Velocity Solar

Velocity Solar Philosophy

Quality solar products and quality solar designs and installations ensure long term environmental and economic benefits.

Our Commitment

Every client has specific needs and no two clients are identical. We design systems to meet your needs and give truthful advice on the benefits of solar.

Over the years, the Australian market has seen many solar companies come and go, and many solar manufacturers come and go as well.

We believe that when we install quality products and give exceptional service then the client will see the benefits for years to come with minimal warranty issues. We are a company that’s willing to follow up and assist with any questions or issues that arise. We offer free advice on panel cleaning and panel maintenance and are here for your solar journey, such as solar battery additions and electric vehicle chargers in the future.

We follow some very good sayings when it comes to solar, like: “Do it once and do it right” and with the solar products “Prevention if better than cure”. Installing quality avoids a lot of other issues that may have arisen by not doing so.

Our customers are the most important part of our business, and our aim is that your investment exceeds your expectations.

Our Team

A companies employees are the backbone of their business. We pride ourselves on having a sales team that can answer all your questions.

All our sales team have on tools experience in the industry, so we know the ins and outs of systems. We can put context and practical experience in the designing of the right solar system for our clients.

Systems and processes are a key to our administration. We make sure that clients know exactly where their enquiry is at and work with the client all the way through the process to make sure that we get connection of the installation in a timely and efficient manner.

Lastly the installation team. We believe in only keeping the installations in house, we will not subcontract out our installations. Every worker is either an A grade qualified electrician or an apprentice on their way to completing their qualification. This enables us to maintain the quality management of every single installation.

We service the Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast, Colac, Otways & Ballarat areas.

Our Values



Truth, honesty and integrity, If you’re looking for a system to give you maximum returns and your situation does not lend itself to solar, then we will be upfront and advise this. If something slips through the tight processes and doesn’t go to plan we will be upfront and give honest communications. We understand that there are many solar companies out there that may not upheld these values,  and for this reason we offer something well above industry standards.



We enjoy educating clients on the benefits of solar, even if the client doesn’t choose to go forward in the immediate future. We are happy to give the advice to clients and help them make the decision that suits their needs best. Every install is completed to levels well above the standards in the industry, to make sure that the system will be fully functional for many years to come.



Solar power and all renewable energy sources are crucial for the future of our environment. We understand that we as a company also have a responsibility to embrace this and do what we can to help communities, businesses and individuals create a better environment for our future.



It is crucial in an ever changing fast paced industry to keep up with all the advancements in solar products – from high efficiency solar panels to battery storage options (both DC and AC options) and a multitude of other add on accessories like power diverters and smart grids. The industry standard for Perfectional development points is 100 points. We go well above this and will always strive to be at the cutting edge so that we can offer the best solution for every client in every circumstance that arises.

Facts by Numbers

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