About Velocity Solar

Velocity Solar Philosophy

Quality solar products and quality solar designs and installations ensure long term environmental and economic benefits.

Our Commitment

Every client has specific needs and no two clients are identical. We design systems to meet your needs and give truthful advice on the benefits of solar.

At Velocity Solar, we firmly believe in the principle of “Do it once and do it right.” We understand the importance of providing high-quality solutions that deliver optimal performance and long-term satisfaction.

Our experienced team of professionals follows industry best practices and utilises top-notch technologies to design and install your solar energy system with precision. We employ accredited installers who are well-versed in the intricacies of solar system setup, ensuring that all components are installed correctly, adhering to safety standards and regulations.

By adhering to rigorous quality standards, we aim to provide you with a solar energy system that not only meets your immediate needs but also stands the test of time. We conduct thorough site inspections, taking into account factors such as sun exposure, shading, and energy consumption patterns to create a customized design that maximizes energy production and cost savings.

Furthermore, our dedication to doing it right extends beyond the installation phase. We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure the continued performance and longevity of your solar system. Our team of experts is available to address any concerns, perform routine maintenance, and provide timely assistance whenever required.

At Velocity Solar, we understand that investing in solar energy is a long-term commitment, and we want to make sure that your investment brings you the maximum benefits and peace of mind. With our “Do it once and do it right” approach, you can trust that your solar system will be designed, installed, and maintained with utmost care and expertise.

Choose Velocity Solar, and let us help you make a lasting positive impact with a solar energy solution that is built to last.

Our Team

A companies employees are the backbone of their business. We pride ourselves on having a sales team that can answer all your questions.

At Velocity Solar, we firmly believe that our employees are the backbone of our business. We take great pride in the exceptional individuals who make up Our Team. They are the driving force behind our ability to provide unparalleled customer service and answer all your questions with expertise and efficiency.

Our sales professionals at Velocity Solar are dedicated individuals who possess a deep understanding of solar energy solutions. With their extensive knowledge of solar technologies and industry expertise, our sales professionals are capable of delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

To ensure smooth operations and seamless customer experiences, we have implemented robust systems and processes within our teams. These systems streamline our sales processes, allowing our team to efficiently handle inquiries, provide accurate information, and guide you through the solar journey.

By leveraging well-defined processes, we ensure consistent and reliable interactions with our customers. From the initial consultation to system design, government incentives, installation and final connection, our teams follow structured procedures to ensure clarity, transparency, and adherence to best practices. This enables us to deliver solutions that not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

We regularly review and refine our systems and processes, incorporating feedback from our customers and industry changes. This commitment to ongoing enhancement ensures that our sales professionals stay up to date with the latest solar technologies, industry trends, and customer preferences. We strive to consistently deliver exceptional service and innovative solutions.

At Velocity Solar, we understand that the effectiveness of our systems and processes directly impacts the quality of service we provide. By implementing efficient workflows, embracing technology, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, we empower our team to deliver outstanding customer experiences and meet your solar energy needs with precision and professionalism.

We are confident that the capabilities of our team, supported by our well-established systems and processes, will leave a lasting positive impression on you, solidifying your confidence in our company and the sustainable solutions we offer.

Our Values


Honesty & Integrity

Honesty and integrity are fundamental values in the solar industry, and Velocity Solar upholds these principles with unwavering commitment. By prioritizing transparent communication, accurate representation of products and services, and adherence to high standards of quality and performance, Velocity Solar fosters trust among customers, stakeholders, and the public. With a focus on safety, compliance, and ethical practices, Velocity Solar inspires confidence and promotes responsible renewable energy practices within the industry. Moreover, Velocity Solar distinguishes itself by offering solutions that go well above industry standards, ensuring exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is built on values like integrity, respect, continuous improvement, empathy, and a commitment to excellence. At Velocity Solar, we pride ourselves on offering the right solution for each client. With honest and transparent interactions, tailored experiences, and a dedication to understanding and addressing customer concerns, we strive to deliver exceptional quality. By embracing these values, we foster lasting relationships, drive loyalty, and ensure customer satisfaction.



Safety is paramount in the solar industry, including at Velocity Solar. Guided by a strong commitment to high standards, Velocity Solar values safety as a core principle. They take safety seriously on every single installation, ensuring that your system is safe and secure. They foster safety awareness through ongoing training, adhere to regulations and best practices with integrity and accountability, and take a proactive approach through risk assessments and robust protocols. Velocity Solar prioritizes the well-being of their workers, customers, and the environment, ensuring a secure and sustainable energy future. With Velocity Solar, you can rest easy knowing that your system is in safe hands.



At Velocity Solar, we enjoy educating our clients on the benefits of solar and their system so they can get the most out of their solar experience. We believe that informed clients make better decisions, which is why we strive to provide comprehensive knowledge about the advantages of solar energy, various system options, installation procedures, financial incentives, and system maintenance. By empowering our clients with this information, we enable them to maximize the benefits of solar power and embrace a sustainable energy future with confidence.

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