Building a New Home

If you are looking to build a new home, or in the process of having a house built then you’ve come to the right place.

At Velocity Solar we specialise in looking after all clients who are going through the building process. Our designers are electricians have vast experience in the building industry and our team has a specialised skill set that allows us to help design the right solar system for each client.

We have built great relationships with many custom builders in the Geelong region, and we are continuing to build these relationships each and every day. Our builders appreciate our willingness to assist their clients in the design process and look after all the logistics and rebate information.

One of our major key features that we offer is pre-wiring for solar systems. We arrange to run all the cabling before the plaster goes on the property, We can do this at a very low cost, which is no more than the equivalent of a deposit for a solar system. We do this without any lock in contracts. Pre-wiring allows for all the cabling to be hidden nicely internally and makes installing in the future very straight forward.

It can be quite difficult to get your head around exactly how much power you’re going to use in your new property, but we will spend the time to go through your expected consumption requirements for the new property. We take into account the insulation properties of your new home and all major appliances. We employ electricians and therefore have vast knowledge on electrical usage and consumption requirements for our clients.

We take the hassle out of the process and in most cases deal directly with the builders on behalf of the client to make sure the design and install of your solar system is done correctly, cosmetically and safely whilst being compliant.

We are more than happy to look over building plans for our clients and we do this with the knowledge that the designing process is one of the most important parts of the entire system.

Because of this, we have built a specific new build program,  to help assist in designing a solar system. We are happy to go through this with anyone going through the process of building a new home.

Please book a one-to-one with one of our designers. We will also help by advising what questions to ask the builder to make the whole process as seamless as possible.

Deciding on Size

If you are trying to decide the right size solar system to suit a new build there a couple of things to take into account.

Due to the economies of scale of installing solar systems, anywhere between 3 kilowatts (kW) and 6 kW a9sometimes even larger), can all serve the purpose of the client, but it’s a matter of picking the right size to suit.

When installing solar the first 2 kW of solar is the most expensive, the next 3 to 4 kW can be installed at the same price of the first 2 kW.

Example: Cost of 2kw vs 6kw

2kW of solar = $4000  ($2000 per kw)

6kW of solar = $8000 ($1330 per kw)

Due to the economy of scales in some cases a 6 kW system will pay for itself quicker than a 2 kW system even if you’re putting the majority of the power back into the grid.

We like to make the choice a little bit easier by asking finding out which scenario below is better suited to your circumstances:

  • Example 1

You’re looking to put a solar system on your roof to minimise your utility bills; you would like to take advantage of the financial incentives from both federal and state government’s; you don’t want to over capitalise and you want to do your part for the environment.

  • Example 2

You’re looking to make your electricity bills as low as humanly possible not just for now but the future;  you’re looking to live in the property for a long time; you have a little bit of extra cash available today to put a slightly larger system in knowing that in the long run a larger solar system will give you greater reward.

If example 1 fits your situation more accurately, then a smaller system around about 3 to 4 kW may be the right choice. If example 2 is more in-line with your thoughts then you may look to install a larger solar system.

The good news is there is no right or wrong answer to this question but this gives a good starting point to begin to weigh up the options between a larger and a smaller system.

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