Maintaining your solar system

Solar system maintenance is required for your solar system as it needs to get serviced just like anything else.  To keep saving money in the long run, keeping your system in its best condition will ensure that it lasts longer.

Yearly Maintenance

Yearly Solar system maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your solar system, just like servicing a car or anything else that gets used every day. It’s recommended to set up a yearly solar maintenance service appointment to ensure the safety of your system.


Solar system maintenance tips

Once your solar has been installed, request advice and tips on how to keep it in great condition over the course of the year.

Your panels last much longer if you are careful to maintain them, and each step listed here gives you the best chance of keeping the panels for many years.

The Wiring

Solar system maintenance includes the wiring for your panels because it connects all the panels, connects to the mounting, and runs into the house. The wiring itself could be damaged at any time, and it is better to have the wiring checked. You can survey the wires yourself during the year, but you want them checked by a professional when they come to the house. If you have problems with rats or pests, you might need to be more careful or have a special covering put on the wires as they enter the house. The same can be said for the wires between the panels.

Use An Automated Program

Using an automated system monitoring program assists in knowing quickly if there is any issue with your system. There are various programs and monitoring apps that can tell you if there is a problem with your system, maximising the amount of power you produce.

Bad Weather

Extreme weather is a cause for concern. If you need to check for damage, allow a qualified professional to assess your solar system. They will be able to re-adjust the panels after a storm and make any additional repairs if needed.

Trim your trees

Trim back your trees if they are near your solar system, leaves and broken branches can cover up the panels. To be safe it’s best to cut them back.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a large part of caring for your panels. If there are any problems with your roof, you need to call the installation company. The installation company can get someone out to the house to check on the panels, and they can work with the roof repair company. Your roof might leak as a result of many things, and it makes more sense to call out a team of people to help. More often than not, the solar panel rig had nothing to do with the leak, but it could be in the location of the leak.

How Long Do Panels Last?

Solar panels should perform for 25+ years on average if they are well taken care of. Keeping them serviced yearly will help extend their life and keep costs low.

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