Selecting A Licensed Installer

How do you discriminate between a great solar installation company and an average solar installation company. This can be broken down into five basic criteria.


Has the solar company made an effort to educate you on all of the options available not just tried to sell you the largest solar system? Has the solar company been open and transparent about exactly what panels inverters & hardware they are going to install on your property?  Have they advised who they are, how long have been in the industry and the after sales process including a point of contact so that you know how to find them if something goes wrong?

Education and customisation are the most important parts of informing the clients on the right size system and the right products, without asking the right questions of the client a consultant and not design the right system.  We highly recommend a site inspection is completed before installation as well. Your designer will need all of the relative information required to accurately design and install a solar system


Seems like common sense and the given that communication should be the highest priority in making sure the client has the confidence in your ability to install your solar system.  If it is a challenge to communicate with the installation team before the installation is even completed you can imagine how hard it may be to communicate with the installation company if there were ever any issues in the future.

Quality documentation

Documentation does not equal a good or bad installation but it does give a good idea on whether the company that you’re dealing with is organised and professional. Quoting documents should always have the products and hardware to be installed, you should be aware of the warranties sizing specifics relatively expensive and any applicable rebates well before any installation is ever completed. Spec sheets on the data show that the company has nothing to hide and a layout of the panels is always advisable to allow the client to see the system before installation and make sure they’re comfortable with the layout.

In Victoria there is also a pre-approval and a solar provider statement that should be completed prior to any formal signing to confirm the installation will meet the requirements of the client.


The client should be engaged during the process of the installation and be aware of proposed installation of inverters panels and any hardware required. A good installation company will show you their work go through the installation of the system and explain how to read the production and any other relative maintenance required.  Installation should be clean and tidy with all rubbish cleaned and removed and formal document discussed and completed as soon as possible after installation.


When picking an installation company it is of high importance to confirm you’ll be receiving a workmanship warranty in line with the warranty on the products. Confirm whether the installation company or the manufacturing company hold the warranty on the products. Confirm exactly how many years the warranties are and what limitations may apply.  Make sure that there is no warranties tied up with any annual maintenance which may void their warranty as this is unethical and may also be illegal.

It is hard to answer all these questions before signing with the solar installation company however personal reviews and information found on the website should give you a good understanding and trust of which ever solar company you look to for installation.


Clean Energy Council: Approved Solar Retailer

As of July 1 2020, you may be able to claim with the Victorian state government incentive which allows the client to claim back $2,220. The company must be a clean energy retailer.

To be an approved solar retailer you must meet stringent criteria. The initiative was created to give clients the peace of mind that any installation company on the clean energy retailer list has met very high standards and ethical practices which gives peace of mind to the end user that the company is reputable and completing best practice.

Some of the criteria required to apply to become a Clean energy council Approved solar retailer include:

  •  Operating for min 1 year in solar industry
  • Min 5 year whole of system warranty on workmanship and all products
  • Explain and dealing with ACCC
  • Provide all documentation that clients receive.
  • Submit integrity / financial checks – any directors or managers of a failed solar company will not be approved.

If the solar company that you’re looking to use is not an approved retailer by the date of october 1 2019 then you may not be able to claim back the $2,220 incentive from the state government and we would advise that it may be worthwhile to look at another company to install your solar system


At velocity solar you can rest assured that we meet all of the requirements discussed as mentioned above. We go a step above a lot of companies in the market and we very rarely sub-contract out our work to others as we have an internal Crew of qualified installers and a grade electricians which allows us to keep the quality of work at the highest level possible and a show clients that we’re using local qualified tradespeople.

Get in contact with us today so we can book a time to do your free in-house consultation.

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