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As of Jan 2017, there is well over 1.5 million solar systems on residential houses all over Australia, why not join them and enjoy the benefits of Solar Power?

By investing in Solar power and renewables on you house or residential property you will have the facility to not only save money on your electrical bills but may even be able to install a solar system that is neutral on energy where you can produce more power than you use in your property helping the environment. Repayment times for solar have reduced significantly and depending on tariff rates in your state it is possible to pay off solar in under 5 years. Speak to your local solar specialist to gain this information.

Air conditioners are relatively common appliances in today’s population and solar works perfectly for reducing the costs of running your air conditioner and if using for solar you can install a system that will cover these costs. The other benefit is that your solar system will produce more power in summer than winter and be usable in the afternoons when needed.

Other appliances in a residential household that would benefit from solar are appliances like Fridges, freezers, dishwashers and dryers and heaters. A basic rule of thumb when talking about the benefits of solar production and high electrical usage appliances is as follows. If the main purpose for the appliance is to produce heat and to convert heat into cooling then if with use a reasonable amount of power. Also, if you were to look at a TV you will find that there may be warmth coming from the screen, the warmer the TV the more heat loses are found and the more heat lose the greater the power production.

The top energy users in domestic and residential houses would be pools and spas if purchases and installed. You will find that pools need to use pump and cleaning / filtering equipment on a regular basis to make sure that work correctly through summer. The equipment required to run pool use a lot of power and make them ideal for solar to counteract the costs, this would also include electric heaters possibly required for spas. Then you have Heat pumps, Heat pumps have been becoming more and more popular over the last few years, the have a great conversion rate that allows then to heat up water more efficiently then almost all other appliances and offer a great alternative to gas heating for properties. If you’re looking at heating your pool then it’s worthwhile at least considering heat pumps as an option.

Our Residential Solar System Installation Process



Free Consultation

We’ll come to your home, we’ll look at your power usage history and ask you a few questions. We’ll use this information to formulate the best solar system for your circumstance.



Solar System Design

While at your location we will physically inspect and measure your roof to make sure it will be suitable for the solar system we will recommend.




Our location visit will allow to gather all the relevant information in order for us to give you an on the spot quotation. This way if you have any questions we can answer right there and then.



Approvals & Rebates

There are a number boxes that need to ticked in order for your new solar system to work. Power companies need notification, forms for Government rebates need to be completed.




Once all approvals and pre-approvals are completed we can set a date to installation. Most installations tend to be completed in one day.



Connect to Grid

The approval process will have meant we already know we can connect your new solar system into the power network. We’ll explain all you need to know about the process of connecting to the power grid.



Monitoring & Training

In keeping with being transparent about the whole process, we will set-up the monitoring of your solar system and train you in how to read and decipher the information.




Solar systems save money, but require some on going maintenance to make sure your system stays save and works at optimal performance.

Residential Solar System Gallery

We’re here to help you,
which circumstance best suits your scenario.

Building a New Home
Building a New Home
Building a new home and researching solar systems, we can make the process so much easier.
Heading Towards Retirement
Heading Towards Retirement
Building a new home and researching solar systems, we can make the process so much easier.
Sky Rocketing Power Bills
Sky Rocketing Power Bills
You're sick of paying exorbitant power bills and want to fight back.
Environmentally Conscious
Environmentally Conscious
You want to make a difference for environmental reasons.

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