Are there factors that would increase the cost of a solar system?


Some of the additional costs that could be allowed for and possibly charged for include Tile roofs Vs Tin roof with tile roofs requiring more material and time to mount the fixings, The layout of the panels, If a panel is mounted in landscape format then this will take a lot longer for the installer and may be charged at a higher rate. If the panels were located over several roofs then extra isolators and equipment would be required and if a double story or above then access equipment may be required and extra labour costs to install. These are all small extra costs that may or may not be charged depending on the installation company.

The major cost though in variation costs of a solar system outside of the major components would be the inclusion of installing tilt framing of the system. There are different framing systems but most tilt framing can and does cost anywhere between $50 and $300 extra per kw of solar panels installed.

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