How much does a standard grid connected solar system cost?


A standard solar system will have different prices depending on rebate structures and certificates that vary across Australia and most importantly the quality of the solar system that you are looking to install. There can be a variation of $5000 between an entry level 5kw solar system and a top of the range solar system. Every system should be looked at on its merits. The better the quality the more you may have to pay. In most cases we will receive what you pay for. As of April 2017 the variations in costs of solar systems across Australia showed Pricing from as low as 70 cents per watt and up to above $3 per watt. Equivalent to a 5kw solar system costing anywhere between $4000 and $15000. For a more accurate solar quote for your specific area, give us a call on (03) 5243 8364.

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