Is my system covered from hailstones and ball smashing the panels?


A solar panel is designed to withstand a reasonable size hail stone but not necessarily a 25 mm hailstone. All solar panels are tested and rated for a 1 inch (25mm) hailstone at 88 kms per hour, because solar panels are usually on a pitch of 10-30 degrees it also means there is less likelihood of the hailstones hitting the panels perpendicular In general, a solar panel glass front is very similar to a windscreen of your vehicle in its strength. One difference though is that a solar panel have tempered safety glass that will not crack but will shatter for safety and in most cases, keep out moisture for a reasonable timeframe.

If a panel is broken then you may be able to cover on your home and contents for the property but this wold have to be looked at on a individual basis with every insurance provider. Panels are built robust and are also rated to be loaded with snow of around 1 meter of coverage before seeing any stress on the panels. If a cricket ball was to hit a panel then there may be a good chance that it will smash but if a tennis ball hit the panel then most likely the solar panel would be ok.

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