Is there facility to add to my system in the future? 


There is always going to be options that allow for your solar system to be increased in the future. There is different way to accomplish this after a solar system is installed and or when being designed. A common way to allow for extra panels to be added in the future is to install a larger inverter than what is required and only use one of the maximum power point trackers (MPPT’s) This will allow for another string of panels to be added to the system in the future. Only issue with this arrangement is that if you never end up installing a larger system then you have overpaid for the inverter that has been supplied. Other options are to install micro inverters on a new install or even add another system with micro inverters. Micro inverters allow for small quantities to be added to an existing system as there is no minimum amount of panels that needs to be installed and they can be installed over different roof profiles with minimal effort.

If you run a 10 panel system and wanted to add another 5 panels it would be as simple as joining on the the existing cable on top of the roof and adding more micro inverters and panels. Now extra wiring would be required in most cases. If your system is already installed though and old enough that al regulations have changed and system would need to be bought up to today’s standards then it may be a better option to install a new system in conjunction with the existing system. So there are many options and its really depending on what the client wishes to accomplish. This should be discussed with a qualified solar designer and not just a sales man though for the best result.

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