What is the difference between AC Micro inverters and DC string inverters?


Micro Inverters  (AC)

Designed to converter DC solar panels straight into usable ac power from directly underneath the panels. Most are installed with one panel for each micro inverter. If you have 10 panels then you will most likely have 10 micro inverters. The cabling required for micro inverters is AC and a safer option with less likelihood of fires through DC arcing from string inverters. Once the power leaves the inverter it adds all the micro inverters in the string and goes back to the switchboards to run all the loads in the house. This is newer technology and will produce a greater yield from individual inverters then a string inverter controlling all panels. A premium product but has a increased price tag to reflect the benefits of the system.

String Inverters (DC)

A central inverter located normally on a wall. This inverter required a string of panels to be connected on the roof and ran down to the inverter. The inverter then converters all the DC power from the panels and turns if into AC usable power. This is the morn conventional manor and the way solar has worked for many decades. It used DC cabling through the roof and required additional requirements on top of the micro inverter systems. This is a more cost efficient and proven system.

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