Will I pay off my system before warranties run out?


A lot of different factors will change the repayment time of a solar system. A general statement would be that in most cases there should be a good likely hood that most systems will have a repayment time of under 10 years and most likely closer 6 to 8 years with some commercial systems as low as under 5 years. This will depend on the quality of the system and extra costs that may arise with the installation. Feed in tariffs from the retailers and rebates will also alter the benefits of solar and a good quality solar installation company should be able to give a realistic expectation of savings. As for the warrantees there is very little panel manufacturers that don’t offer a 10 year warranty on the panels they install, if your not getting a 10 year warranty then it may be advisable to not use them. Inverters will normally come with a minimum 5 year warranty and some more reputable companies are happy to offer a 5 year additional warranty to here standard like the Fronius Inverter and even a straight 10 year warranty on micro inverters like Enphase.

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