Your rights when your solar system fails


Depending on when your solar installation was completed and which solar installation company installed your system, As per regulations you should have received a complete set of solar documentation that should advise what size and components were used and then should have definitely been given a copy of a Certificate of Electrical safety. With this documentation hopefully you also have warranty documentation for the solar panels, rails and inverters. Hopefully if you have a problem with your solar system it is still under warranty when the system occurs and the company that manufactured the system also if still in operation.

Most warrantees for solar panels will be around 10 years for the manufacturing side of the warranty, there is a performance guarantee of 25 years as well on most panels but this is usually not a very measurable warranty and will not be covered if the manufacturing side of the system breaks down first which usually seems to be the case in the industry.   The industry expectation is that solar inverters will have a warranty of 5 years standard and then option upgrade or even straight larger standard warranties of up to 10 years. This usually means that if you system is less than 5 years old your components should be covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

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