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The Velocity Solar Difference

Why choose a local family run solar company

Professional Service.

Locally owned and operated in the Geelong area. With a personalised solar site appraisal to discuss your needs. We endeavour to give you the best customer service possible. We will complete the whole process as seamlessly as possible all the way from solar site inspection to paperwork.
Expert Advice.

Call us to arrange an in home consultation, where we can assess your current electricity usage, access your roof space and angle and design a solar system to meet your needs. We will provide you with an honest and clear assessment of what solar system is best and the most efficient for your home.

Consultative approach.

At Velocity Solar we take the time to make a solar site appraisal and check your installation to see whether solar panels will meet your requirements. Every customer’s needs and requirements are different. We also like to do a quick check of the installation to if any other recommendations can be made to cut your electricity bill. As qualified electricians we have the ability to offer other renewable energy options from LED Down lights to energy efficient power plugs with standby shutoffs.

Honest assessment.

Never mislead customers, quite simply some houses aren’t suitable for solar systems. If your situation doesn’t require a solar system or it’s not feasible we will let you know. Factors such as location of roof, angle of your roof and whether there is any shading all impact on the efficiency of a solar system. With the experience we have in the industry and recorded databases we can give you the best assessment possible. If your bills are too low with the feed in tariff reductions back to 8 cents you may find that the repayment periods for solar might not be feasible.

If there is any questions big or small our dedicated local team will try and help you out in any way possible. Contact us to arrange a free in-home consultation were we can analyse your power usage, identify what size system is right for you, talk through the product options and answer any questions you have about solar power and its benefits for you.

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