The usage of electricity in sporting clubs make them an ideal candidate for renewable solar energy. The Highton Bowling Club is a prime example of how solar energy can save money of an extended period.

Project Facts

  • 30.16 kw Solar System
  • Installed over the north and west roofs of the clubrooms
  • Enlighten manager – monitoring system installed.

System Brand: Trina Solar

System Model: 116 by M215-60-220-S22-E micro inverters Gen 4

System Size: 116 by 260 watt Trina Honey, mono solar panels.

Installation Date: April 2016

The Challenge

The usage of electricity in sporting clubs lend themselves to renewable solar energy, because they tend to have large electricity bills associated. Consistent with most clubs Highton Bowling Club has cooking appliances for meals and a decent size cool room and freezer for food and beverages. A large commercial air conditioning system to keep the whole building a comfortable temperature all year round.

The Highton Bowling Club roof had a number of commercial air conditioners to work around and there was also significant shading from gum trees in the car park.  The average daily consumption over the 12 months leading up to the install was 50-60kwh.

The Solution

The system was designed using Enphase micro inverters. Enphase is a performance management system that allows modular level monitoring of panels and reporting tools for each panel on the roof. This optimises the system to work around shading issues on the site.

Due to these shading issues the best design for the installation was to use the micro inverters. Although a little bit dearer than a normal system the benefits have shown via the monitoring system there is only a small proportion of solar panels that lose efficiency between the morning and afternoon. As a whole the system is performing well.

The Outcome

For the last 12 months 60-75% of all solar produced has been used in the property. Estimated annual savings for system before installation is projected to be $6000 – $8000 depending on consumption usage. The projected savings over the life of the system (20 years) including allowances for maintenance and replacement parts, will correlate to around $120,000.

Actual savings calculated over the last first three years of use (within 5% accuracy) – using data from the Enphase enlighten tool and clients utility bills. = $19,150

The 30 kw solar system has an average production of just over 100 kwh per day and with the average amount of consumption over a 24 hour period close to 50-60 kwh.  The solar system has reduced the reliance on the grid by over 50% and reduced the peak loads on the properties.

Highton Bowling Club Testimonial

“It’s been a very economical cost saving venture that assists our club’s cashflow.  It’s a win/win for the environment and allows us to put savings towards other projects. We have a large clubroom / function centre, so savings are significant, in providing cost offset.

We chose Velocity Solar, over others, because they were a very good local business installer who knew their trade. Their design and knowledge was excellent, and took into account shade issues we had. Brad took the time to go through all options and customise a  system to suit our specific requirements.

3 years on, our club is continuing to reap the rewards of the ongoing $6,000+ savings p.a. and very happy that we chose to install our solar system with Velocity Solar”.

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