Radiant Railing system

At Velocity Solar we pride ourselves on offering one of the best solar railing systems on the market. There is no use getting solar panels and inverters with 10 year warranties, then installing a solar railing system that corrodes or even worse brakes on your roof after 10 years. Radiant goes that bit furthur and offers 15 year warranty on there solar railing system.

About Radiant PV (Solar Railing)

Radiant PV is an internationally recognized manufacturer of quality solar racking systems.

The pre-assembly of all solar mounting system components enables fast and efficient installations. All components are made of extruded aluminium and stainless steel. This choice of material guarantees both full recyclability and a maximum service life due to high resistance corrosion.

A long 15 year product warranty on all Radiant components will give you piece of mind for your solar installation.


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