Solar Storage

During the day solar energy can collected and stored with whatever power is not used in the property.

Solar storage systems

During the day solar energy can collected and stored, What power is not used in the residence / property can then be stored in a battery bank and used after the sun has gone down. Solar storage systems use the same technology as electric vehicles and with your own solar generating system (just like the grid) you to can see the benefits of producing your own energy and using it when you want to.


Investing in Solar Storage

Everyone knows that kids are our future and its good to invest in our future. More and more moving forward our life is becoming more fast paced with lots of time saving perks, chores that took hours of work now can be sorted with a click of a button.The down side though all of this can lead to detrimental environmental impact.

When installing a solar storage system in the Geelong area, you can also help reduce the reliance on polluting non – renewable grid energy.  Don’t pay the high high peak tariff rates, save money instead by using your own power. The best thing about installing your own solar storage system is your power is guilt free – not brown coal.

Geelong Solar Storage – Great Long term Investment

Solar storage systems are a great long term investment, with the added benefit of adding value to your house or property.

With the rising prices over electricity prices over the last 15 years (Aprox 150 %) why not look at locking in the cost of your electricity and save more on your electricity costs year after year. Solar storage can easily save half the costs of electricity over a 15 year period and even more.

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