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Designing the system where solar panels are capable of meeting your energy needs only in the daytime (sunrise to sunset where the panels will be operational), unless you have battery storage or a generous solar feed-in tariff. The solar energy has maximum utility only when it is used directly and decreases the amount of electricity purchased from the retailer. So, it is very critical to estimate the total electricity consumption during the day, when the panels can have maximum exposure to the sunlight.


Founded 1997 – now with over 13,000 Employees

10 Year manufacturers warranty

25 Year performance warranty

5 Year Velocity Solar labor warranty

One of the most reputable and Largest Chinese manufactures, producing more panels over the last 10 years then nearly all other manufacters. Reputable company with solid history adn backing – Mid/High level Panel


Founded 1972 (Hyundai Heavy industries)- Fortune 500 Company

25 Year manufacturers warranty

25 or 30 Year performance warranty

25 Year Velocity Solar labor warranty

Hyundai Solar is the largest and the longest standing PV cell and module manufacturer in South Korea. Top end manufacturer


Founded 2010 – Chinese company – GoodWe Australia established in 2012

10 Year manufacturers warranty

5 Year Velocity Solar labor warranty

GoodWe is currently ranked inside the Worlds Top 10 solar inverter manufacturers by Bloomberg. They make both Grid tied inverters and Hybrid inverters. Mid range inverter that we use as a cost efficient option.  390K inverters in the world at present.


Founded 2006 – Trading on NASDAQ since 2008

12 Year manufacturers warranty (can be upgraded)

25 Year optimiser warranty

5 Year Velocity Solar labor warranty

SolarEdge developed the DC optimised inverter solution that changed the way power is harvested. Each panel is optimised.  more than 2Mil inverters shipped since 2010


Founded 1996 – Norway company (Velocity solar are authorised installers)

20 + 5 Year manufacturers warranty  (Authorised Installers)

20 + 5  Year performance warranty (Authorised Installers)

20+ 5 Year Labor warranty (Authorised Installers)

Norwiegan company – fully automated solar assembly plant (All on one site) for quality control. Very financially secure buisness and a top end solar panel. High efficiency panels now available (REC ALPHA)


Founded 1958 – Originally known as Goldstar (Now LG electronics)

25 Year manufacturers warranty

25 Year performance warranty

25 Year  labor warranty

One of the most well name businesses in the industry , panels made in Koria and great finacial backing – Top end solar panels


Founded 1955 – Austrian company  – First domestic soalr inverter in 1992

10 Year manufacturers warranty (on registration)

5 Year labor warranty (on registration)

Fronius is laeding Welding manufacturer across the world, Solar inverters are designed, owned and installed in Austria. Leading the industry in Grid tied inverters and due to release Hybrid single phase inverters in Q4 2020.  Premium Inverter


Founded 2006 – American company made in America and China

10 Year Inverter manufacturers warranty (AUS)

2 Year – components warranty (AUS)

5 Year Velocity Solar labor and components warranty

Worlds fist AC micro inverter – No central inverter needed. Each inverter optimises the production of each panel. Gaining efficiency.  25Mil inverters installed worldwide

The size of the solar power system will have a direct impact on the amount of money that can be save. So, finding the right system for your property and individual requirement is the golden key maximum Return of Investment, keeping the feed-in tariff rate in consideration.

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