What is Solar Energy?

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Solar energy is energy provided by the Sun. When converted into solar power, it can be used for heating or electricity by private households as well as businesses.

Domestically or commercially. Solar power is generated by

  1. A surface that collects solar energy (silicon base product) and,
  2. A method of converting the captured energy into electricity or heat.

Converting Solar energy into Solar power

There are two main methods of converting solar energy into solar power:

  1. Direct or photovoltaic (PV) conversion. In this case, you would use solar panels (or solar PV) for generating electricity.
  2. Indirect or solar thermal conversion. In this case, you would use a solar thermal collector to generate heat. This is also known as solar water heating.

Options of Solar hot water are usually flat panel collectors and the newer technology Evacuated tubes, depending on the climate and site different options or suited for each client. In Geelong Evacuated tubes work very efficiently.

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