Enphase Micro Inverters

Solar panelling may get the most credit for the renewable, cost-saving energy provided by solar power, but micro inverters actually do most of the heavy lifting.

Micro inverters convert the raw solar energy captured by your panels into safe electricity that you can use across your home or business.

With a 10 year warranty from the definitive leaders in solar energy, the Enphase micro inverters offer the safest, most functional and best-value micro inverters on the market today. As an ‘Enphase Preferred Installer,’ we’re equipped to install this superior technology according to the design that best fits your needs.


How Micro Inverters Work

Micro inverters convert the raw solar energy that’s absorbed in the form of direct current (DC) power into safer alternating current (AC) power that you can use as a consumer. Basically, micro inverters are what allow you to deploy all of that clean energy safely.

They provide the essential technology that facilitates the step between solar energy coming in and the electricity going out to keep your appliances, ventilation systems, lights, etc., working beautifully.

The Benefits of Enphase Micro Inverters

Highest Standards in the Industry

Enphase has built a reputation for quality by using only the highest standards when testing their equipment. With some of the most robust standards in the solar industry, Enphase ensures that only the best equipment is allowed into your home or business. That’s why they stand by a 10 year warranty, meaning that you won’t have to worry about purchasing another micro inverter for decades.

Safety Standards That Let You Rest Easy

Unlike other inverter technologies, micro inverters keep dangerous direct current (DC) power away from your roofing. The lower voltage AC (alternating current) equally strong power without any of the risks associated with a higher voltage. That’s why micro inverters have become a favourite for schools and government buildings alike.

Technology You Can Depend On

Enphase micro inverters enable each solar panel to perform at its best regardless of the panel next to it. This means that your whole system never has to be jeopardised by a single shaded or dirty panel. Using burst technology, these high-performing micro inverters will also make the most of limited daylight hours during dusk, dawn, and other low-light conditions, converting even the dimmest sunlight into power you can rely on.

Best of all? Thanks to Enphase’s flexible designs, you can rest assured knowing that your solar equipment will be easy to update when newer technologies emerge.

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