Solar Hot Water

A Solar Hot Water system is great way to reduced utility bills and help with the reducing of unwanted environmental impacts. At Velocity Solar we offer a detailed range of solar hot water systems that cater to all homes and budgets.

These days we are all more conscious of the impact heating water has on both our wallets and the environment. Did you know that, water heating represents 25% of the energy consumption in the average Australian home annually?

Cheap Efficient Hot Water!

At a time of rising energy costs you can reduce your bills by going solar, knowing you are not only saving money but also investing in the Australia of tomorrow. Solar Hot Water Systems make efficient, ethical and smart use of Australia’s plentiful sunshine.

A solar hot water system can provide up to 90% of your hot water needs for free, dependent on the location, climate and the type of system you eventually choose. Call Velocity Solar for help on deciding on the right solar hot water system for you


Solar Hot Water Rebates

The Federal and State Governments are offering assistance through a generous solar hot water rebate. Our friendly staff can help you cut through the jargon when it comes to renewable energy incentives.
Call for a free no-obligation quote on your new system or solar hot water service. Our team are happy to provide more in-depth information on what’s on offer. When considering a new solar water heater it’s important from those who know the industry, we have tradesmen in the field who are more than happy to give the information required and help you make a truly informed choice. We pride ourselves on offering competitive prices on solar hot water systems right across the Geelong region. Brands like Rheem Hot Water, Dux Hot Water, Rinnai Hot Water, Bosch Hot Water and Apricus are trusted industry names.

Solar Installations

Installations are completed promptly and professionally by qualified tradesman. Our staff will provide you with all the appropriate paperwork and warranty certifications.
We also give advice on operation, maintenance and ongoing service and inspection details. With the efficiency of our complete range of solar hot water products vastly superior to any conventional gas or electric hot water systems (ability so save over 50% off bills) you will be wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

Solar Advice


Is naturally a major consideration and yours should include not only the initial purchase price but also ongoing operation and maintenance costs. This needs to be balanced against the fact that due to the higher initial costs (including installation) solar hot water systems will take longer to recoup and pay for themselves. The operating costs of electric or gas boosting needs also to be understood, as do the electricity tariffs charged by your energy provider.

Water Consumption

The number of people in your home is important in determining your water consumption and ascertaining how big a system you will require to meet your hot water needs. A rough guide for establishing the optimal size of your storage tank is as follows:

1 – 2 people = 150 – 220 capacity litres required
3 – 4 people = 220 – 300 capacity litres required
5 + people = 300 + capacity litres required

Feel free to call us at Velocity Solar and talk to the qualified tradesmen about how much capacity your solar hot water system requires. As all sites are different.


This should be considered as obviously solar takes advantage of Australia’s abundant sunshine to heat your water. Some products perform better under certain climatic conditions and this can be a consideration when making your decision.

Existing System

What is your existing system? (if applicable). What energy sources are you already using? Your existing system may be able to be retro-fitted to make it solar hot water enabled. Switching to solar could save you considerable expense – we can advise you which system best suits your requirements.

Installation Site

Your house or property’s site specifics need also to be considered when comparing solar hot water systems. How much real estate do you have and what is the ease of access for an installation? How big is your roof and what is its strength? Orientation and roof pitch are also important as the solar panels need to be numerous enough and positioned correctly to maximise the sun’s solar contribution to the system. Where roof space is at a premium a Split or Remote System may be necessary. Some people also prefer this system as the storage tank is hidden from view.

Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

Close Coupled / Split Systems

Close Coupled Systems are when the solar panels and tank are mounted closely together on the roof.

Split Systems are where the solar panels are either roof mounted with the tank in the roof cavity or tank on the ground or other convenient location. These systems are geographically separated.

These can be electric or gas boosted solar hot water systems. Solar instantaneous gas boosted systems have the highest efficiency and provide the largest savings of all hot water systems. Booster units heat the water on days when the systems solar contribution is minimal due to bad weather (cloudy/rainy). The boosters are thermostat controlled and can be set on a timer or manually switched on or off. This is great for only heating water when you need it and turning it off when you are away or on holiday. So regardless of the season’s weather our Boosted Solar Systems guarantee continuous instantaneous hot water the whole year round.

Flat Panel or Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Our solar hot water services use either the traditional flat plate system or the evacuated tube solar hot water collectors (panels) which due to their super efficiency are rapidly becoming the preferred option. The evacuated tube collectors have numerous design features which allow them to consistently out perform the flat plate system in nearly all regards. They have a vastly more efficient heat transference up to 150% in Australian conditions. They are immune from frost damage and have a higher resistance to corrosion and decay. Their installation and maintenance is also easier and individual tubes can be replaced if damaged.

So if you are in need of a new hot water system, look no further than Velocity Solar . We can provide you with an honest and professional obligation free quote. At Velocity Solar guaranty all our workmanship and will service Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Surf coast, Colac, south west vic and Werribee areas.

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Building a New Home
Building a New Home
Building a new home and researching solar systems, we can make the process so much easier.
Heading Towards Retirement
Heading Towards Retirement
Building a new home and researching solar systems, we can make the process so much easier.
Sky Rocketing Power Bills
Sky Rocketing Power Bills
You're sick of paying exorbitant power bills and want to fight back.
Environmentally Conscious
Environmentally Conscious
You want to make a difference for environmental reasons.

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