Solar System Maintenance



Velocity Solar offers a maintenance program for any grid connected solar system installed in Geelong, Ballarat, the Surf Coast and surrounding areas.

Velocity solar has been helping Geelong customers with their grid connected solar systems and helping other customers with warranty issues from other installation companies that no longer exist. You can be confident in Velocity Solar as electrical technicians, not just installers, servicing your solar system and be assured that you have employed the experts in solar systems maintenance.

Benefits of Annual Solar Maintenance are:

  • Optimizes output of solar system
  • Maintains systems functionality
  • Minimal downtime and loss of production
  • Compliance and safety precautions

Thorough Solar Maintenance Inspections

Along with fundamental solar maintenance we also include a thorough inspection of your solar system using advanced technical equipment that can identify present at the time of inspection.  From this we will provide a comprehensive maintenance report showing faults identified and recommendations to address these.

Geelong Solar System Health Checks

Velocity Solar can organise a solar maintenance check-up for all Geelong customers.  This can be a one off check-up or booked in yearly.  Customers benefit from registering for the program if they have recently purchased a home with solar power or are selling your home with solar power.  Additionally, if you have experienced a natural disaster and require an insurance evaluation of your system or perhaps you are concerned about the quality of the installation and would like an independent evaluation to check safety and compliance as a precaution.

Solar System Check List

  • Check Signage
  • Cleaning of PV array, including remove debris from under or around the array and cabling.
  • Check wiring integrity, compliance and mechanical protection.
  • Verify open circuit voltage and short circuit current values.
  • Solar system performance.
  • Check mounting structure.
  • Test operation of all AC and DC switches.
  • Check solar panels are functioning.
  • Verify status of surge arrestors.
  • In addition we can service/repair, or if necessary replace, any trouble parts and components of your solar power system.  In most occasions this happens on the spot.
  • Specialise testing of Micro inverters.

Faulty Solar Equipment – FAQs

If you have a faulty system and require our service centre to have a look at it, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (03) 5243 8364.

My solar system doesn’t work what should I do?

Unfortunately we hear this question quite a lot, and even worst clients call us advising that they have seen there last energy bill and its showing ZERO export of solar to the grid. There are many different option that could explain the reasons for your system not working, Hopefully this page helps give clarity on what options are available.

Your rights when your solar system fails

Depending on when your solar installation was completed and which solar installation company installed your system, As per regulations you should have received a complete set of solar documentation that should advise what size and components were used and then should have definitely been given a copy of a Certificate of Electrical safety. With this documentation hopefully you also have warranty documentation for the solar panels, rails and inverters. Hopefully if you have a problem with your solar system it is still under warranty when the system occurs and the company that manufactured the system also if still in operation.

Most warrantees for solar panels will be around 10 years for the manufacturing side of the warranty, there is a performance guarantee of 25 years as well on most panels but this is usually not a very measurable warranty and will not be covered if the manufacturing side of the system breaks down first which usually seems to be the case in the industry.   The industry expectation is that solar inverters will have a warranty of 5 years standard and then option upgrade or even straight larger standard warranties of up to 10 years. This usually means that if you system is less than 5 years old your components should be covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

Who should we contact for faults and warranties?

If your system was installed with in the last 5 years as mentioned above and your warranty should be in place and if your happy with the service you receive from the initial solar company that completed your work I would advise that you give them a call and see if they are willing to help you solar the issue that you may have. Unfortunately over the last 5 years well over 50% of all the companies that were installing solar now no longer exist and this may be hard to find and other solar companies are not interested in helping out in this situation because they don’t believe its worth while financially. At Velocity Solar we are more than happy to help out if you don’t get the service required at this level. Please note though that with nearly all solar equipment the warranty is with the manufacturer and not the solar installation company, this means that even if the company that installed the system does not exist you can still get your system replaced under warranty. There may just be a small cost associated with the servicing components of this. Lastly you also have the opportunity to contact the manufacturer directly and see if they are helpful in advising a service partner in your area to assist in your enquiry.

If you have tried to make contact with the solar installation company and the manufacturing company and you are having no luck getting any communication regarding your warranty enquiry then you next step may be to contact consumer affairs or fair trading depending on which state you live in.

What will Velocity Solar do to help you get your system up and running?

At Velocity Solar we love helping people get there solar systems up and running again and in a timely manner. We understand that the client has made an investment in solar and that the system should see long term returns for them financially and environmentally. We will help you with the process of completing warranty documents through to organising components and replacements as needed. We are more than happy to help clients that we have not dealt with in the past as if we can get your system up and running this is the only important factor.

Will Velocity Solar help with warrantee claims?

We have a dedicated service team that can help you through the process, when we know there is already an issue and a warranty is required we will need to get some specifics from the client such as model and serial numbers, size of system and inverter and possibly other relevant questions if you could have these available it will help our team to give you the information required to move forward in correcting any issues the system has.

Velocity Solar will complete all the warranty documents for you so that you don’t need to do any of the annoying communication with the manufacturers and we can arrange replacements units in a timely manner through our build relationships with most of the main reputable manufacturers. In general we take the stress out of the whole process. So if you want a hassle free experience and a team of qualified technicians with many years of fault finding experience to sort out your system

Get in contact with us today to find out more information for maintaining your solar system.

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