Environmentally Conscious

What does ‘renewable energy’ actually mean?

Renewable energy sources are called “renewable” for a good reason; they’re naturally renewed with time.

Unlike fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil, renewable energy sources are highly unlikely to ever run out, and are a much more sustainable long-term solution for electricity generation. Using renewable energy sources is a great way to reduce our reliance on ever-dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.

You may not be aware that:

It takes around 2 years for you to pay back the environmental cost of all the materials and production and transport of the solar panels. After 2 years you are effectively generating electricity free from any environmental cost.

The five ways renewables benefit all Australians are

  • 1. Renewable energy is clean and green
  • 2. Less emissions equal greater air quality and health
  • 3. Renewables can help reduce future price prices
  • 4. Help households gain independence
  • 5. Help create new jobs in an amercing industry.
There are many reasons to install solar power and this is some of them

The added benefit of looking after the environment is that it also pays for its self. Solar power is an asset that continues to create value and financial gains every year that its installed, and if prices rise the solar systems will save you even more money.

It may not be the driving point for installing solar but its definitely money that better spent on an asset that keeps creating value both for your back pocket and the environment as apposed to something like a computer (note I don’t mind computers) that will lose value over time and eventually be scrapped in less than 5 years in a lot of instances.

Additional Facts

2 Million households in Australia now have solar power on their roofs. Statistic form Clean energy council as of 30 Not 2018.

Victoria alone had 372 K installations with 15% of all properties with solar power installed.

In 2018, small-scale solar (systems up to 100 kW) was responsible for 19.6 per cent of Australia’s clean energy generation and produced 4.2 per cent of the country’s total electricity.

If you would like to know more about solar and the benefits both environmentally and financially please arrange an appointment with our specialists to discuss further.

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