Heading to Retirement

You may be heading towards retirement or you may just want to reduce your electricity bills not just today but for many, many years to come.

Some people look at solar and it’s about the return of investment and how quickly they can pay it off but a lot of our clients look at solar as a long term investment where they can reduce their bills not only today but for many years to come, Also making it one less utility and bill that you have to worry about moving forward.

A large proportion of our clients have also advised that they have some money available now but are unsure if they will still have the money in the future when they are no longer working, therefor taking action to make sure that their outgoings are a lot smaller in years to come.

If you take into account the history of electrical costs over the last 30 years in Australia, every 7 to 10 years the cost of electricity has doubled. On this assumption if you were to pay $300 each quarter (today) for your electricity and the history is anything to go by you may be paying $600 for that same electricity in 10 years time.

Where solar is beneficial is if you’re looking at installing solar you can bring that electricity bill down by at least half and know that in 10 years time the amount of power that you’re paying for should be very similar if not still a bit cheaper than today. However, if you do nothing your bill could double within the next ten years.

These calculations are only on an assumption of pass history and a guide only, they should not be taken as factual.

All of our systems are designed with a minimum 10 year warranty and a lot of our panels have a 25 year manufacturer warranty ( 15 years above industry standards). We do this to give peace of mind that our solar systems will be around for a long time and at the manufacturers we use are around to honor the warranties. We believe that solar is a long-term investment and therefore start our range of products at above standard and offer products all the way up to premium.

Reliability of solar has moved a long way forward, velocity solar has been installing solar systems for a long time now and in the last 10 years we have only replaced panels of a handful of houses but we have replaced well over 500 to 600 inverters. These inverters we’re not installed from velocity solar primarily however we as we do a lot of maintenance work that we have noticed that in general if something was to go wrong with your system it is most likely going to be the inverter.

We advise clients that the expected lifespan of an inverter maybe between 7 to 15 years for a very good quality inverter but maybe between 2 and 7 years for an average inverter, this is in line with our experience in the field and why we only install top of the range solar inverters. So when look at installing solar the expected lifespan of the solar system is 25 years for the panels with the possibility of having to replace the inverter at least once.

All warranties are covered by the manufacturer but velocity solar also offers a 5 year home warranty over the entire system giving peace of mind that we are here to assist if anything should be required.

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