Is there an ideal place for the solar inverter on the property?


When you’re trying to decide which location to place the inverter on your property then it’s important to make sure that you meet requirements from the manufacturer and the Clean energy council and Australian standards. As a general rule of thumb most of the good quality installed work on a philosophy that they never install a inverter on the north side of the premise to avoid any undue street from the direct sunlight during the peak of the day and also dislike placing the inverter on the front of someone’s property unless no other options at the are not the most cosmetically appealing product to have on your house. In most cases, you will not go wrong by installing in a garage of the property but nearly all grid connected inverters are weatherproof and designed to be installed outside in the weather. Your qualified solar technician should be able to work with the client and provide sound advice on where they believe would be advisable if you’re not sure.

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