Can I put my solar system on my shed?


A lot of people now are asking whether there shed will be a feasible option for their solar system. There are factors that need to be looked at before saying yes but in a lot of cases the answer is yes. The main factors that need to be looked at on sheds are the structural integrity of the shed and whether the materials can support the solar system. Sheds also will need to have the correct wiring to allow the system to be able to feed back into the grid. If the able running to the shed is to small it will not be able to carry the current from the solar power, secondly if the cable it to small it may not meet the AS regulations stating that all solar systems from now onwards must meet a maximum of 2% voltage rise from point of supply to the inverter location. These calculations and inspections will be easy to clarify with a site inspection from a qualified installed and or electrician.

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