What factors impact on solar production?


Your location on relation to the equator will have a large impact on your solar production. The average Peak sun hours, the amount of electrical energy (kWh) a 1kW grid connected solar PV system will generate on an average day (kWh/kWp.day) in Victoria will be around 3.5kwh and up to 4 kwh and in Queensland your would expect closer to 4.5 kwh up to 5 kwh.

Over factors will be the amount of solar panels and total of solar production that the panels in your system have the facility to produce, as a 4 kw soar system will produce twice the amount of a 2 kw solar system. Smaller but relevant other factors would be the angle of the panels and the pitch of the panels, whether there is any shading issues to work and around and the efficiency of the panels and inverters are other items that will alter your production

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