Who should we contact for faults and warranties?


If your system was installed with in the last 5 years as mentioned above and your warranty should be in place and if your happy with the service you receive from the initial solar company that completed your work I would advise that you give them a call and see if they are willing to help you solar the issue that you may have. Unfortunately over the last 5 years well over 50% of all the companies that were installing solar now no longer exist and this may be hard to find and other solar companies are not interested in helping out in this situation because they don’t believe its worth while financially. At Velocity Solar we are more than happy to help out if you don’t get the service required at this level. Please note though that with nearly all solar equipment the warranty is with the manufacturer and not the solar installation company, this means that even if the company that installed the system does not exist you can still get your system replaced under warranty. There may just be a small cost associated with the servicing components of this. Lastly you also have the opportunity to contact the manufacturer directly and see if they are helpful in advising a service partner in your area to assist in your enquiry.

If you have tried to make contact with the solar installation company and the manufacturing company and you are having no luck getting any communication regarding your warranty enquiry then you next step may be to contact consumer affairs or fair trading depending on which state you live in.

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